Friday, June 17, 2011

Gluten free picnic

Tonight we're going to Shakespeare in the Arb. This is a lovely summer tradition here - a performance of a Shakespeare play in the Nichols Arboretum where the Arb itself is the set and one wanders through, following the actors. We've been going for years and always picnic beforehand.

So what's on the menu?

•Tortilla espanola - lovely omelet made with my friend Kim's farm eggs, onions and potatoes. I use Penelope Casas' recipe from The Foods & Wines of Spain, one of my favorite cookbooks.
•Roasted red peppers in olive oil and garlic
•Baguette from Zingerman's for the wheat eaters and Crunchmaster's Multi-seed Crackers for the gluten free
•Caprese on a stick - toothpick size caprese salad found via Use Real Butter
•olives and cornichons
•Good salami
•And Smitten Kitchen's Summer Strawberry cake made gluten free by substituting Better Batter flour for wheat flour. I also used turbinado sugar rather than granulated and strawberries from my friend Cheryl's garden. We had a trial of the cake last night and it was one of the most successful things I've baked gluten free - will definitely make it regularly! We'll top it with whipped cream from a can since we're picnicking - a compromise I'm entirely ok with.

Pictures will have to come later!

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